Are you traveling for business or pleasure?

at your service every step of the way


We aim to please. From business to pleasure we will make your dreams a reality. We specialize in everything from private getaways to large group experiences. From honeymoons to corporate retreats, we have got you covered. Let our team do the work!



We are here to plan your next destination corporate meeting or event. Our team of agents will provide your company with an experience that will wow your clients and staff. Let us make your vision come true. Not all business has to be boring. Now, let’s talk!

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Whether it is a getaway for two or a group, we will cover every detail to meet your needs. Wanderlust Travel Co. will curate a welcoming travel experience based on your preferences, desires and budget. With safety in mind, our agents will provide the perfect destination and experience for specialty groups including women-only and LGBTQIA+.


Wanderlust is ready to plan your romantic getaway!

Couples or groups can find curated travel plans to fit their specific travel needs.  

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I Do

Looking to plan your dream destination wedding? Look no further. Our agents are ready to make your dreams come true with their expansive knowledge of destination weddings. No group is too big or small. Our team will put your mind at ease.

We Did

Celebrate your love with a memorable travel experience together. From honeymoons to anniversaries our agents will craft the perfect trip for you and your partner to celebrate your love.

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We Will

Want to get away before a life milestone? Maybe you are expecting your first baby or want to propose to your partner in a unique and interesting place? Wanderlust Travel Co. can curate safe and personal travel for you to enjoy together before you enter your next chapter.

Family & Group

Any group, any time, any where.  


Wanderlust can accommodate all of your specific needs using our years of experience and knowledge to give you the safest, most satisfying trip.

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Let us make everyone happy. Our agents at Wanderlust will use their extensive knowledge to plan a welcoming and safe travel experience for your entire family. We have got everyone covered from all-inclusive luxury resorts to thrill seeking.

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Any group, any time, any where. Wanderlust Co. can accommodate all of your specific needs to give you the safest, most satisfying trip. Worried about safety? Our professional and knowledgeable agents have you covered. If you are with your family, or a group of friends, we will make sure that we plan your trip in a place that satisfies your dreams with safety and security along the way.

Land or Sea

travel safe with us

No matter who you are or where you are going, you’re safe with Wanderlust.

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Is an all-inclusive retreat calling your name? Close your eyes and picture yourself at the beach chilling with your friends. Sound nice? We can do that! We have world-wide experience planning vacations, with options to suit your unique desires and budget. We want to make sure that your beach vacation is as relaxing as possible.

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Let the water lead you. Our team will plan the perfect cruise for you and your friends. From fun in the sun to the wonders of nature we can curate the perfect experience. We have you covered from the Caribbean to the Alaskan. Feeling more adventurous? An exotic African or Asian river cruise will take you where you can discover unique and interesting cultures. All aboard!